Communicating and connecting with animals is much more effective when communication take place in a meditative state of mind

The higher frequency you move into when you meditate will enable you to communicate more effectively with animals.

Animals communicate among them using body language but also telepathically, on that level they are more advanced then us, human companions.

During my years of practice with dogs I have developed strong telepathic ability of communication and improved my body language to effectively communicate with my furry friends.


Beginning a dog Reiki Session

- As soon as the Reiki Session is scheduled the Reiki Treatment begins.
I would set the intention that the guardian and the animal receive from a distance the Reiki Healing Energy as they need before the session.

This procedure help both the guardian and the animal to open up to the Reiki Healing Energy. In this way, during the in person session the animal is much more open to the Reiki.

It is always better to perform a Reiki session with an animal in a space where the animal is comfortable, possibly in their  house, where the animal is free to roam if they want to.

A space where we will not be interrupted during the Reiki Session.


A session usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes (a little longer during the first session)

The animal will usually indicate when the session is complete.

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