I am a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, member of the UK Reiki Federation. I am fully insured to work with people in private houses or public bodies.

I believe in the Reiki Healing energy as a Spiritual Healer a Shaman and a SoulMidwife - End of Life Companion.

A positive mind, a clear intuition and strong empathy help me  to connect with the Divine Energy, Reiki or God.

I have always been a very creative and intuitive child with a lot of imagination.

Daughter of a school teacher and a psychologist, I grew up in Italy, in a small town in the mountains, the Dolomites. Communication was my passion. I dreamed of being able to communicate with everyone in the world and that borders and different languages didn't exist. 
I became an Interpreter & Translator in 4 languages, and I am still learning more...

But the most important mean of communication, at that time was yet to find for me. 

Later in life I have learned that the body and the materialistic world we live in are just an ephemeral appearance. 
What is real then? 
We cannot see reality with our eyes but we can see it with our hearts. The reality is a parallel impalpable world of which we can sometime have a 
glimpse of.

The reality of our life is made by our memories, our experiences, the emotions and passions which drive us to lead life the way we want. All of this is Reiki energy, is the divine energy which is in us and outside of us. 

Reiki is the loving, positive energy, which brings infinite joy and inner peace to the soul. 

When I felt it for the first time I knew I could not live without it any more. We all have it, but not all of us are aware of it, only few of us know how to use it in a positive and constructive way.

The famous "law of attraction" summarise very well all the dynamics which rule around the Reiki energy, us and our lives.

Later in life, I started to go to courses, read and study about the Reiki Healing Energy, how it works and how to use it. Eventually, I found out, with my personal experience and practice the Healing Power of Reiki. The teachings can give us a hint, they can tell us about it, they can show us the best way to practice... but it is only us and us only the masters of our energy and spirits.

When I have finally become a Reiki Master Teacher I have been given the gift to travel in time. I had already experienced astral traveling and being able to be in more than one place at the same time, but I had not yet experienced the gift of being able to see the future and yet be in the present moment. 

Life is beautiful, exciting, sometimes moving, other times challenging. Life is always surprising us with inevitable changes.

Personally, I have embraced a low waste and environmentally friendly lifestyle. I only use natural, plant based or mineral remedies such as my Sacred Oils and Crystals.

Now a whole new world and reality opens up.
I can see things in a different way. I can see beyond what is commonly perceived like our reality, our materialistic world. I can often see what my friends cannot see...

My perspective on life has changed. Now I know.
Now I understand what cannot be told to anyone, because only if you have experienced it you can understand it.
There are many books, videos, people, films which talk about it, one of those is : The Secret, what is real, what is reality ? 

My mission is : " to give".
It is certainly a mission shared by many others. I still don't know if what I have to give is only a message, if I need to show a path, or I just have to live in empathy with others, but certainly I know that I am here to raise awareness on our situation, awareness about nature and its importance in our lives. 

Our modern society is drifting away from nature, plants and animals. In nature is where the divine energy is stronger. There we can recharge our souls and find inner peace.
Meditation is one way to reconnect with our inner self and nature. 

Nature is teaching me how to do so, nature is showing me the way through my crystals, my sacred and essential oils. 
I find the energy of oils and plants extremely powerful as well as the one of crystals and stones.

The Colour Therapy is another powerful healing  instrument together with sound and music which I regularly use in my spiritual work.

To arrange a DISTANT HEALING SESSION, just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Reiki Master Teacher
Member of the UK Reiki Federation

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