Reiki healing is powerful and effective weather you are here in my Reiki Studio or in an other Continent. 

The Reiki energy doesn't have distance limitations.

With a Distance Healing Session, we would set up a suitable time and date for both of us. The session lasts 1 hour.

During the Distance Healing Session you will be in a calm state of mind, possibly by yourself, in a quiet environment and without any distractions or interruptions. 

During the session you will be lying or sitting in the position most comfortable for you.

At that same time I will be sending you the Reiki Healing you need to overcome your problems. 


I do not need you to tell me about your problems, unless you wish to do so. 
The healing energy will go where it will be needed.


It is useful for me to have a picture of yourself in the position in which you will be receiving the healing, possibly from a distance. That it is just for me to create a connection with you, and to know where I need to send the energy.

For this reason, it is also useful for me to know, the town and country where you are located


If you are unable or unwilling to take a picture of yourself from a little distance, alternatively you can take a picture of the place where you will be receiving the healing and then a picture of your jumper, t-shirt, or an item of clothing you will be wearing during the session. 


For a Session of 1 hour I charge £ 40 ( $ 53 USD). 

I will receive the payment before the agreed time and date of the healing session.


Just before starting the session I would send you an email confirming that I will be soon starting the session. 

The Healing energy will be sent constantly for the following hour and it will go gradually diminishing toward the end of the session.


Every person is different and can perceive the session in a different way, some people may fall asleep, some other would feel tingling in their body, some others waves of energy, usually a deep state of relaxation is noticed by the majority.

After sending the Healing I would write to you another email confirming the end of the session.

At this point I would welcome any feedback or anything you would like to tell me.

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