The Power of Candles

Like a candle melts until its flame is extinguished, our body dies when its strength fades away.

But the light continues to sparkle as our spirit carries on with its journey.

We are beyond the physical reality and human comprehension.

Candle burning is one of most simple forms of magic.

It has been around since the dawn of time, traced as far back as the Palaeolithic era.

It is a very powerful form of magic, usually part of a ritual or a meditation.

Candle magic can be used for attracting things, protection, regaining health, spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest, etc...

Certain days and times of the lunar cycle are the best for lighting a candle in order to attract what you want.


Candle magic should always be performed in a quiet area.

A bedroom is a really nice place for such work.

Light a few candles and clear your mind, relax.

Dressing a candle is putting your energy, thoughts and wishes into the candle's vibration force.

Dress the candle with oil. The oil you prefer is usually the one which is best for you.

Rub the oil on the candle from the extremities toward the middle.

Concentrate on what you would like to achieve, your wishes, charge your candle with positive thoughts and positive energy.

Focus on the flame, look through and beyond the flame.

Breathe the flame. Become one with it and the essence of the source of creation.

Feel the energy around you, feel your light, your spirit guide.

Visualize all the blockages and issues being released to the Universe, and the solution, your desired outcome coming to you.

Let the candle burn away.

Now trust that you are free, you have the solution, you are well and full of positive energy which is working with you and for you.

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