Sunday Morning at home. I have a shower, get dressed and I prepare breakfast, it is easier to work after having eaten something. While I prepare my fresh orange juice with avocado & mushroom toasts I listen to a very new program I have just found on youtube. A guy is interviewed about minimalism and how he became a minimalist.

I am completely attracted to his way of thinking, the way he express the concept of minimalism, the way he speaks. Everything in this person is appealing and so interesting, my breakfast soon becomes a moment of inspiration to write this post and let other people know about minimalism and consumerism.

I already made a video about my minimalism journey but then I left it behind and moved on...

Just this morning I was thinking that I may need some new light jumpers, spring is approaching and I do not have middle season clothing. But listening to this guy made me quickly come back to reality. I have something like 100 cardboard boxes full of belongings. More than half of them are full of clothes. How could I possibly need more?

Once again consumerism was singing its victory and I didn't realise I was being played.

Why do we have this urge of buying new items?

Why do we feel constantly the need to acquire more stuff in our lives when we already have so much that we do not even use? We do not even know what we have !

Joshua Fields Millburn was explaining very simply and easily that it is just a question of habits, like everything in life. We grew up in a society which constantly tell us that to be good, to be the best, to be appreciated we need to have, we need to purchase this or that. We need to possess more stuff. It becomes automatic in our lives wanting something as soon as we see it. Possessing becomes power, power of purchasing, power becomes happiness. But that is were things go wrong, because power and possessions do not make us happier in any way.

Until we realise that we are trapped in a destructive consumeristic lifestyle.

I know I have to go and start sorting out my belongings. I know I need to open each box, sincerely to admit to myself what is really useful for me and what I do not need. I have to be able to detach myself from the objects. Object do not have emotions, objects cannot help us when we are in trouble, objects are only a burden which makes our lives more complicated.

I should be able to let them go. I have to be able to look at these objects for what they are. I should not attach emotions to inanimate objects. Memories are in our mind and spirit, feelings belong to us, humans and animals.

I often look at my girls, even more when I feel sad. I admire them very much as they are always happy even with nothing. I should learn from them to be content and satisfied with what I have which is certainly more that what many other people have. But that is not the point, the point is that I do have every thing I need to make me happy. Acquiring something more, will not make my life easier nor it will make me happier. I am talking of happiness with a capital H. The joy that fulfils you and satisfy in the long term, not a temporary contentment, which tomorrow you will have already forgotten.

I have so much stuff I do not even remember everything I own and still, I feel that urge to buy more.

By the way I do not even have the money to buy more stuff. Money should be used for necessities.

Now, many people may play on the term "necessities". What is really necessary? We often do not know.

I am going to sort out my boxes, I am going to have the strenght to let go of things. I am going to be able to decide what to keep and what not.

I am going to be fair in my judgment, other people will appreciate that stuff much more than I do. Many more people will take advantage of something that I, will never use.

I am going to create 3 piles:

The Keep Pile with the stuff I am sure I want and I am going to use.

The Maybe Pile with the stuff I may not yet be ready to depart from.

The Donate Pile, with stuff I am sure I will not use and it will not change my life to keep.

At the end of the video Joshua Fields Millburn said 3 things which I cannot stop thinking of and they are so very true:

1st : "Let it go, it is just stuff !"

2nd: "You cannot change the people around you. But you can choose the people you want around you!"

It is so true that we cannot and we should not change others, everyone has the right to be what they are because that is what they are meant to be and to do in this life. But we can and we have the right to choose our friends, to choose who to hang out with and the people who makes us happy. We can and we have the privilege to choose to share our life with someone we love.

Then he said the third and last thing:

3rd: "Love people and use things because the other way round doesn't work."

We should not attach too much importance to inanimate objects, that importance should be reserved to humans and animals! We should show love to someone who can understand and share the same love for us. We should share friendship with someone who is worth our trust and who will be friend with us. We should dedicate time to people who can share emotions and moments with us, not objects which do not have anything to share nor to give back to us.

Life, for what is my understanding is giving and receiving, so for me life is worth when you can share experiences, emotions, moments with someone else. Objects do not have that capacity, objects are only an instrument we can use to achieve something else. They are not, and they should not be our ultimate goal.

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