Ayahuasca : the plant medicine

I was watching a youtube video, just before going to bed as I like to do when I have time. This time it's a vegan youtuber, like me, she shows vegan recipes and other vegan lifestyle tips in her videos. But in this video she wants to talk to us about Ayahuasca. I have never heard of it. It is the first time I hear its story. Basically it is a powerful, if not, the most powerful, hallucinogenic drug, obtained by the infusion of different Amazonic Plants.

It has been used for centuries by the Amazonian populations for healing purposes and it is considered a plant medicine not a drug. I am totally and completely against drugs, I have never used them and never I will.

Nothing against anyone who wants to do drugs, but it is just not my cup of tea. And still this powerful hallucinogenic "medicine" got all my attention. I am listening to the many testimonials of people healed by this "medicine"which deeply heal the soul.

Ayahuasca is considered a medicine that heal deep spiritual wounds. It heal wounds that may have their origin in our young age, our childhood, it helps us get rid of and overcoming traumas or problems that cannot be cured with the traditional western medicine. The testimonials of people who have used the medicine and healed their lifelong problems are so beautiful and mind-blowing. A woman healed from cancer after following a vegan diet and having used this medicine.

Another woman has been able to cure a depersonalisation disorder she suffered from the numerous rapes she has been a victim when she was a cild.

Another woman has healed from anorexia.

A man healed from a violent form of eczema which prevented him to live a normal life and brought him almost on the edge of suicide...

All this testimonials are so moving and deeply touching to watch. I can see myself in each and everyone of them. I can feel their suffering, I can see their pain. I am curious, I would like to try this powerful medicine, and still, the healing process is not as easy as drinking a cup of tea. During the healing process you go through a lot of terrible pain and sufferings. Drinking the ayahuasca infusion help release all the negative energies which seems to find a steady home in our body. Not sure I want to go through all of that. It scares me a lot and at the same time I know that I would come out a different person, a new one, clean from any burden I have carried all my life, clean from all the negative energy that I have accumulated along my journey, clean and candid like white canvas where I can start drawing my life the way I really want.

Somehow we keep attracting and storing negative energy. It is like we unconsciously withdrawn negative thinking and self harming. What we call modern society, to me, it seems to be built on destruction, violence and threatening, and still we call it "modern" society.

Why are we so addicted to the daily News which only carry negative vibrations and violent images?

Why do we surround ourselves with fears ?

Why do we want so much to be part of a world which is de-touching itself from Nature?

Why do we need to destroy Nature and mess it up with the ecosystem just to find ourselves lost in a world of predators, which portrays an ephemeral reality and isolate us from our true self ?

It seems to me that humanity is going against their good nature and positive vibrations. It seems to me that we tend to take the "wrong" direction, more appealing and also more harmful, it seems an easier choice though...

We do not seem to be able to distinguish what is really easier , we do not seem to be able to recognise what is really good for us. We are mislead because we let others mislead us, we are oppressed because we give others the power to oppress us.

Someone said that us and only us are in charge of our happiness. And if we are not happy it is because we choose not to be.

Well, in a competitive world, it is vey difficult, to feel loved and to love others. When you are praised to succeed against others there is no space for compassion and altruism.

We may not be able to change The World, but we can and we should change our small environment, our little universe which only belong to us.

We can go against the flow and stop watching the News, using that time to meditate instead and spread positive energy to others.

We can stop competing with each others and make time to help those who are in need, it is a much more rewarding feeling.

We can make time to reconnect with nature, true nature. We can depart from environmental noise or noise pollution, so much present in cities we do not even realise any more the devastating effects on our body.

We can learn to listen to the silence which is never silent, and we would acquire the knowledge of real communication.

I am now considering Ayahuasca as a form of purification.

I now realise that the world we live and grow up in is somehow polluting us without us realising it until it is too late, util we have cancer, until we commit suicide...

Ayahuasca has the power to speak to us through our ancestor energy, through the vital and most pure source of energy of Love.

The powerful and unconditional love that very few people had the chance to experience, usually in a near to death experience and from which no one would ever want to depart.

I think I am ready to face my fears, hiding them is not of much help.

Keep living with them is just preventing me from living a better life.

Why would I want to carry on a mediocre existence when I could have an excellent experience on this planet, at least for the time I am on here ?

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