Spiritual Sunday Series

I am starting a series of videos on a spiritual non materialistic subject, where I would like to focus on the importance of “being” instead of “having”.

We all know that objects will not make us happier, or at least I hope that we all know.

Happiness come from us, and it is inside all of us.

But not everyone is aware of this dogma.

And still the world is showing us every single moment that greediness and possessions don't make people happier.

Rich people are as fearful and desperate and sad as everyone else.

The only difference is that they can despair in their Porsche car or in their countryside Castle, while we do it in our studio flat or in our second hand car.

So why do we still keep looking for happiness in the objects instead of searching for life experiences and sharing quality moments with people we love.

Why do we want to earn always more money to own more “stuff” instead of spending more time living our present lives and enjoy every single moment we are blessed with?

Because it is easier, because “having” & “possessing” is the way we grew up, the way we are used to.

One fundamental thing I have discovered since I went vegan is that there is nothing worse than asking people to change their habits and believes !

Even if it is for their best, we seem to have a perverted attachment to habits, specially bad habits. We know that bad habits are not helping our lives, health or wellbeing, but still we cannot stop ourselves from maintaining certain behaviours & feeling guilty for what seems an allied to bad behaviours.


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