Take back the control of your life !

How to manifest what YOU want !

If you are asking yourself this question it means you are already on the right path toward taking back the control of your life.

It is extremely easy and straight forward, there are no secrets and certainly you have heard about it a million of times already, but still you feel it doesn't work for you.

Here is why :

1st of all what you wish has to be in line with your life and with all the work you have been doing so far. If you have put a lot of work and effort to achieve something you really want you WILL achieve it specially if it is something good for you and those around you.

So why sometimes we have the impressions that although we work hard and we put a lot of effort in doing something we still do not get any results or very little at all ?

The explanation is Simple & Scientific:

The psychology science has studied the human mind, how it works and its effects in the human behaviour.

The Psychology made a revolutionary discovery : People are AMBIVALENT !

Everyone is. Some are more ambivalent than others, some people are less ambivalent, but everyone IS ambivalent, whether you like it or not.

You may not be familiar with this terminology, so I am going to explain it with simple words for everyone to understand.

We are made of 2 essential parts: one is our mind, or brain and the other one is our heart our emotions.

Each of these 2 entities has their own independent life, wishes, desires, projects for the future, ideas, etc...

I make un example:

Let's take “Silvia” : her brain wants a boyfriend because she feels lonely and she would like to have some company and someone to do things with and share experiences.

Silvia 's brain also would like a stable job because since she was a teenager her parents pushed her to get a “stable“ job to earn money.

Silvia 's heart instead wants to be independent, she wants to travel to see different places. Silvia 's heart doesn't care about money. Silvia 's heart loves animals and nature.

The reality is that Silvia is: single, she has been living in 5 different countries, she doesn't have a stable job, even less money, she is happy in nature with her animals.

The moral of the story is that the Heart is far stronger than the Brain. The Brain can lie and tell us all sorts of stories to convince the Heart but if the Heart doesn't feel that way, nothing will ever manifest into your life that the Heart doesn't approve.

Your life as it is now is a manifestation of what your Heart wants, and what your Heart has been wanting so far, and secretly has worked to achieve it.

It is very simple and straight forward.

The difficulty is for us to understand. The difficulty is being truly sincere with our deepest selves. The very first step is indeed recognizing what we truly want with our Heart not with our Brain.

What we want with our Heart doesn't necessarily make sense , is not necessarily what our family expect from us.

Our Heart may want something that society doesn't approve and therefore we censor ourselves.

Some of us has being censoring themselves for so long that they do not know any more what their Heart truly wants.

There are million of examples out there of people who are so much pressured by society, by the family, by their partner that often they don't even know any more what they truly want.

I have a clear example in my family.

My aunt : she certainly have not had a simple life, but she has done absolutely nothing to improve it, but the contrary.

Since I was a child I can only remember her complaining, about anything and everything.

I remember her being a very sad person, always suffering for something or someone.

I don't have a single memory of her being positive, smiling , truly happy, never.

Life may have challenged her, but she had choices during her life, she had options, she has just always chosen the wrong ones.

And that is what happen when a person is pessimist and negative, they end up attracting even more negativity which manifest in their lives.

On her defense I have to say that she grew up in an environment were women scarify their lives for the family and their husbands. She was never brought up loving herself, she doesn't even know how to love herself, nor know what that means and consequently she cannot Love others.

This is so true. If you do not Love yourself you will not be able to truly love someone else. How many times did we already hear that and still it is so difficult to understand.

It means that we need to be happy with ourselves, love us, be satisfied with who we are and what we do in order to be able to transfer that love and passion to someone else.

How can we give happiness to others if we are not happy with ourselves ?

How can we listen to others if we do not know how to listen ?

How can we give someone something we do not have ?

Another example is a friend of mine, he complains because although his life is perfect as it is:

he has a good job he likes, he has an adorable child he loves, a comfortable house, he still misses very much having a girlfriend and the intimacy that comes with it.

Somehow he would always fall in love for those women who are not available, already married or not interested in him, what a coincidence...!

After a lot of talking and opening up his Heart , he realized that the freedom he has by being single is too important for him and, at the moment, he is not ready to give it up for anyone in the world.

Problem solved !

If we keep accusing others of our misery it is like stating that we are not in control of our lives, but others are. We admit that we are not the masters of our decisions but the events are.

We give other people the power to lead our lives, not to us.

We are not in control other people are because we allowed them to take control.

You may have given the control of your life to what other people think.

You may have given the control of your life to what your family wants for you.

You may have given the control of your life to what society expect from you.

But you have never taken control of your choices, to decide what YOU want for yourself.

What would YOU be happy doing ?

What do YOU feel ?

What do YOU want ?

Your life is yours and no one else's.

You have only one life, at this time and moment and until the end you have only this life to live, so it would be good if you start to speak openly, sincerely with yourself and make up your mind of how and why you want to live your life this way or what are the changes you want to see in your life, what are the obstacles and how to overcome them.

Have clear in mind what you truly want, writing it down may help.


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