Herbs have always been used in ancient medicine to heal any illness or disease.

I believe, and recommend to eat a portion of fresh herbs at any meal, or generously season your dishes with fresh herbs. Listen to your body and let them suggest the herbs your body needs more.

In this post I am going to show you what herbs I am keeping in my herb garden at the moment. I have just moved into the new house and it is still on the making but for the moment here it is. PARSLEY :

- highly nutritious

- rich in vitamin K

- protect from cancer

- prevent diabetes

- reinforce bones

It can be blended into smoothies, soups, and added fresh to any meal.


- high in vitamins

- high in minerals

- rich in fibers

- rich in antioxidants

Ideal fruit to add into smoothie at any time of the day !

My girls also love blackberries.


It is an aromatic evergreen. Well known for its anti-gas properties.

It is perfect used when cooking legumes as it helps eliminate the substances that create gases during digestion.

- Anti-gas properties

- Prevent cancer

- Muscle & joint pain relief

- helps with rheumatisms


- helps digestion

- helps with many digestive disorders

- relives from toothache

- relives joint pain

- powerful antibacterial

- anti fungal

- lowers blood sugar which can prevent diabetes.


Is a lemon scented evergreen.

- Improves sore throat

- bronchitis

- colic

- upset stomach

- helps with gastritis

- and much more ....


- reduces inflammation

- anti-aging properties

- antibacterial properties

It is very easy to reproduce. Just take some cuttings, put them into fresh water for a few days like if they were flowers and soon you will see some roots coming up.

They are then ready to be planted in soil.

Fresh herbs usually need a generous amount of fresh water and a lot of sunshine.

For this reason all my pots have holes at the bottom, to let excess water to escape and run out.

The roots do not like to soak in water. And I can water them generously every evening without worrying about watering them too much since the excess water will run out of the pot anyway.


- helps with digestion

- anti-inflammatory properties

- relives from cold & flu

- helps concentration, excellent for studying.

- perfect against headache

When I have headache, I rub with my index fingers a drop of mint oil on your temples, distant from the eyes (as it can cause irritation if gets close to the eyes).

I also have a bottle of mint essential oil which I keep in my car.

I like to smell it when I drive, specially during long journeys, it helps me to stay alert and vigilant.

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