I believe that unconsciously or subconsciously we attract our similar.

If we continuously end up meeting/ "attracting" the same type of partner there must be a reason behind.

The reason is that our heart & body take a different decision then our mind.

So we end up consciously saying that we want our partner to be : faithful, sincere, loving & caring, but we end up with a traitor, liar who couldn't care less about us ...

Sadly that is what our heart wants for us and our body language attract. We are indeed the very first enemy of ourselves.

The moment our heart & body want the same thing as our mind says it wants we end up exactly with the person we were looking for : Yehhhh!

The question arise spontaneously: How do we convince our heart & body to wanting the seme thing as our mind ?

Before wanting to convince anyone, we need to realise: "WHAT our heart wants for us?"

Step 1) Realising that what we attract and what it manifests around us is a reaction to our actions and behaviours.

No one's fault, us and only us is to be blamed for what happened in our life.

If we are in this situation it is because of certain choices and certain decisions we have taken in the past.

Step 2) Understanding WHY ? Why our heart & body is boycotting our mind?

Why what our heart really wants does not correspond to what our mind wants ? Why our heart wants something different ?

In order to receive an answer to this question we need to reach a state of deep relaxation, let all the boundary down and find our true inner self. It's easier to do this through meditation , you could also just relax and analyse yourself if you are not afraid of your fears and insecurities, if you are capable to admit your limitations and look at yourself objectively. The conclusions may be many and different, of different kinds, depending of our lives, past , cultural background, and the environment in which we have grown up.

Step 3) Establish what we really want in life. This time we need to establish it with our heart and not with our mind. Our mind is a liar at the service of society , convenience, appearance, at the service of what other people expect us to do and say.

Our heart instead know deeply what is best for us.

We have to listen deeply to our heart, to understand why we want certain things and consider options, analyse possible choices, give ourselves alternative solutions to choose from.

Step 4) Once we establish our goal, we work toward it, we stay focused and we persevere. Focus and perseverance are the key factors in reaching our goals! Always all the time.

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