The important thing to know about essential oils is that they should never be used pure, but always diluted in a neutral carrier oil.

Never underestimate the powerful properties of essential oils and their vibrations. All oils and essential oils have their own vibrations. Sacred oils are the most ancient oils used in history because of their highest vibrations. Not all of the essential oils have high vibrations.

Here are 4 Sacred oils which I regularly use for my spiritual work. These oils are also commonly used and appreciated for their domestic properties.

Sacred Cedarwood Oil


Cedarwood can have many practical applications in our daily lives, this because of its many qualities.

Cedarwood is an essential oil and it is also a sacred oil.

Sacred oils have much higher vibrations than other essential oils, therefore they have higher healing power. Their properties can deeply heal and relief not only the body but also the spirit. Cedarwood is a powerful anti-inflammatory oil. It helps reducing inflammation like tissue inflammation, acne, muscle pain, arthritis, etc.

Other qualities of this oil are:

- antiseptic

- anti-fungal

- astringent properties

- relief from spasms

- relief from scalp dryness : reduce dryness and flakiness improving blood circulation and moisturising the skin.


This oil is also one of the very few essential oils who are safe to use with dogs.

The other essential oil, safe to use with dogs, is Peppermint oil.

If you have dogs: Cedarwood oil and Neem oil are a must have in your cupboard.

They are powerful and natural bugs repellent and at the same time they would hydrate the fur, giving a shiny and soft coat to your 4 legged friend.

Cedarwood Sacred Oil - The esoteric qualities: It is a very reassuring and calming oil. It helps with strength and balance, support and protection.


This powerful and ancient essential oil is one of the most rare and expensive oils to produce. Because of its high price on the market, it is difficult to find very good quality and organic Rose oils.

All my essential oils are 100% certified Organic.

I only work with organic natural oils.

The health benefits of Rose essential oils are numerous some of them are:


- sedate Inflammation

- relieve anxiety

- astringent properties

- eliminates bacteria

- purifies the blood

- maintains liver health

- prevents toxicity

- fights depression & boost self esteem

But the most appreciated qualities of this oil are:

- its strong aphrodisiac properties which have been used since ancient times to reduce symptoms of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, and general disinterest in sexual activity with partners.

- its skin regenerating properties.

This includes the fading of stretch marks, surgery scars, and fat cracks associated with pregnancy and delivery.

Much of this is due to the antioxidant activity of rose essential oil, which spurs on the healing processes of the skin.

Rose Sacred Oil - The esoteric qualities: unconditional love, it helps to open and balance the heart chakra.

Opens up the spiritual understanding, wisdom and absolute knowledge without judgment.


Because of its multiple purposes and benefits, lavender oil is another essential oil to have in your cupboard.

Sacred Lavander oil

Some of its qualities are:

- helps with anxiety and stress

- relaxes muscles and spasms

- improves brain function

- restores skin complexion, reduce acne

- relieves pain

- alleviates Headaches

- its antioxidants slow ageing signs

But the most famous and known of all its healing properties is :

Improves sleep quality and relaxation.

The relaxing and calming effects of lavender oil are the most common and sought-after by people in modern society.

Lavender Sacred Oil - The esoteric qualities : due to its high vibrations, lavender oil helps connection with angles and the esoteric world. It helps to open up the Crown Chakra.


Frankincense, also known as Olibanum, is a powerful anti-inflammatory oil, because of its anti-inflammatory effects it helps reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms of Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis by reducing inflammation in the gut.

Sacred Frankincense Oil

- anti-inflammatory properties.

- improves asthma

- maintains oral health

- helps prevent diabetes

- prevents heart disease

- improves memory

- enhances fertility

But its best quality of all is that promotes smooth skin, therefore is used in many cosmetic cream and moisturisers.

Frankincense oil has been used as a remedy for thousands of years without any severe side effects, the resin from where Frankincense oil is extracted has a very low toxicity rate.

Frankincense sacred oil - the esoteric qualities : It helps creating a sacred space, it is one of the main scents used by the Catholic church because it easily transforms the room where it is diffused. Used it mindfully to clean and scent ritual space, it helps raising the vibrations and connections with positive energy. Frankincense enhance psychic abilities, it also helps to heal deep soul wounds, it regulates the flow of energy therefore helps recreating energy fields and recharging the aura.


I have a few more bottles that I have prepared for my clients and I can sell to anyone who is interested in trying my oils.

I have a very limited number of bottles and the price is very fair considering that my oils are all organic, extremely good qualities and the bottles are recycled amber glass (a part from the cap). Very rare to find on the market at this level of quality, that is why I create my own.

All bottles are 10 ml (0.35oz)

The price for my Cedarwood oil 100% organic is £ 15 (plus shipping costs).

The price for my Rose oil 100% organic is £ 20 (plus shipping costs).

The price for my Lavander oil 100% organic is £ 15 (plus shipping costs).

The price for my Frankincense oil 100% organic is £ 18 (plus shipping costs).

Please let me know if you are interested in any of my bottles. Email me or get in touch.


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